Friday, 1 January 2010

Poems on boxing day

To Ethan on boxing day 2009

Angels from the realms of glory
Told of that first Christmas story.
Many years have passed since then
But still we speak of Bethlehem,
Of peace on earth, good will to men
On whom God's favour rests.

Now as you take your rest with me
(Or, rather, wake so cheerfully
And watch me, happy as can be)
Come, child, and hear the tale
Of shepherds and an evil king,
Of wise men and their offerings
And how they came from lands afar
Guided by a special star
To one whose wisdom far surpassed
Their own and one day would at last
Be known as the Great King.
Good Shepherd of the sheep,
His people he will keep
Safe for eternity.

Now, sweetheart, listen well
To what the angels tell.
And not just what, but who
Can save a child like you,
And keep you safe in ways
I can’t, but I can pray –
And that I’ll do –
That he will favour you.

To the growns-ups at Godre’r Graig, Harlech, Christmas 2009

On Christmas morn, a little girl’s search
For baby Jesus in the church
Was, sadly, unsuccessful.
But gladly too
For me and you
(And her, one day, I trust),
The babe has grown
And rightly owns
The heart of every grown-up
Around our table
And is able
To win the hearts of those
We sing to sleep
And help to eat
Their dinner every evening.

Ethan's devotions with Daddy 26/12/09

Two profiles that I love to see,
One sitting on the other's knee
While sometimes looking up
At Daddy's face above his own
As, steadfastly, the seeds are sown
On ground, as yet, unknown.

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